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About us

Our great desire is to introduce you to the magic of programming which is going to take your business to the next level.

We would like to show you how a web design that is stunning and functional has the great potential to draw more visitors to your website.

We would love to help you attract more clients thanks to our professional service of SEO.

We DO know how important it is for you to invest smart therefore we designed our services to be cost efficient and highly effective.

We are here to help you transform your business!

Because… our mission is to make your online services successful!

Our Services

We provide you with modern and innovative solutions with marvellous design that are fully optimized for every mobile device and in sync with your requirements.

  1. Web development and programming

    We are going to develop the perfect website for your business by implementing your preferences and desires – professional, affordable and in time.

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  2. Online store development

    Allow your clients to shop with excitement for hours. Why not even without getting up from the computer? With our services this is possible.

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  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    We will develop your website to be attractive for the search engines. This will get you better rankings and will bring more organic traffic to your website. In other words: More SEO – more selling.

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  4. Online marketing

    Our professional management of your Google AdWords campaigns is going to help you earn more. Trust us with keywords, online marketing texts, banners and more.

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  5. Technical support

    Smarty Studio offers a professional technical support for any website. We guarantee you that at any time of the day there will be an available specialist for your questions, struggles and desires.

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Our Philosophy

  • Honesty. Getting the job done in time. Precision.
  • Full respect for the client’s preferences.
  • Great results.
  • Еxceeding expectation.

Those are the core principles that we follow which make us better and better with every single day.

Our greatest passion is to develop websites that are easy to access, handy and function flawlessly. With unstoppable curiosity and enthusiasm we constantly look for new ways to improve our skills and thus our services.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new business or you are looking for a new way to expand your current business – we have what it takes to help you achieve your goals. We believe that the innovative web design is that key component which builds the unbreakable bond between any business and its customers.

Inspiration… we get from anyone and anything.

Imagination… is our most potent tool.

And our devotion to the details… is our unique signature.

What motivates us to be better in order to help you be more successful?

Our believe that the future of any business depends on the professional development of a web design that is innovative and eye catching. This is not just a matter of aesthetic caprice. This is your way to survive in the fast growing competitive online space.

The most popular web technologies that we incorporate in our projects are: HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 / 4, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and more.

We use the best practices and technologies in order to ensure you that your website is going to be fully optimized and accessible for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will help you bring in to your website new visitors who have the great potential to become your future loyal clients.

Using a combination of effective tools we will get advantage of the potency and the influence of social media to make your business even more popular, wanted and preferred in comparison with your competitors.

We certainly know how to get Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Printerest, Instagran and all other social media to work for your success!

What about content?

For better or worse the beautiful and well functioning web design is just one part of the equation. The other part of it is the interesting and fascinating web content that leaves the readers hungry for more and desperate to choose your services.

If you don’t have a ready to use content for your dream website – we got your back. Smarty Studio will help you with the development of a unique web content with impressive SEO friendly messages that convert your visitors into actual paying customers.

This will give you the confidence that you are a few steps ahead of your competitors… heading to the top!

Sit back and put your faith in us – we are going to transform your fantasy into living reality.

Together, as a team, we have the power to advance your business.
Contact us for a FREE initial consultation and find out how to become even more successful! Ready to rock?!

Let’s get started!

Work Process


Congratulations! You’ve chosen us for your website development. What follows next is to meet each other in person or online so we can get to know each other and set our goals for the project. It is very important for us to find out as much as possible about your business, your expectations, requirements and wishes. On this first meeting you will be able to ask whatever questions you have in mind. We promise you that this experience will be both beneficial and pleasant!


We’ve gathered the information that we need for the realization of your project. It is time to create a plan in order to structure the website and figure out what kind of content would be most suitable. Together we will decide what kind of technology would be used – WordPress, OpenCart or any other platform. If you have any considerations and remarks, please feel free to share them with us. This is the best time to do it. Your opinion is important for us!


This is our favorite process. The web design will be completely in sync with the specifics of your business and your clients. This will prevent any ridiculous outcome. We will focus on your logo and the colors that will stand perfectly for your business idea and energy. And the result? You will become a proud owner of a website which is going to draw your ideal clients!


Before we present you the finalized project, we are first going to test it. It is crucial for us to know that everything works perfectly with no errors. We will test different kind of scripts and we will see if any problem occurs with different browsers. When we are finally convinced that the website performs well on 100% it will be time to take the last step of the whole process.


Once you give us your final approval of the website, we will start uploading all files to the server. Usually this step consists of installation and configuration of CMS system and a number of plug-ins for better performance. It will be necessary to undergo one more test. When we are sure that all files are uploaded correctly we can shout out loud together: “Hurray!” Congrats again! You have your own website!