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Search Engine Optimization

SEO – the basis of your successful online business!

Our complex SEO service will help you rate good in search results so you can increase not only the number of your visitors, but also your sales.

We know how much effort you put into your business. So we work hard on making it even more successful.


How search engines work?

Have you ever thought about what makes the websites on the top of the results in Google, Yahoo!, Bing any different from the other websites?

Frankly, everybody uses the search engines to find the information that needs. Imagine that Google, Yahoo and Bing are massive libraries. Their librarians are robots with artificial intelligence. They know perfectly every single piece of information in their library so that they can help you find the “book” that you need. To offer you the best results for your search this artificial intelligence uses a specific algorithm.

Only the websites that have the highest coefficients from this algorithm rank on the first pages. In order to help your website rank higher the SEO specialist must know and understand the criteria of the algorithm.

SEO is the process of knowing and playing the game according to its rules.

Types of SEO

SEO could be OnPage and OffPage. The more important type is the on page because it builds and structures the content of the webpages and the HTML elements.

This process includes:

Building a fresh, interesting and unique content.

Finding and applying keywords.

Creating headlines and subheadlines.

Correct structuring of URL.

Building great navigation in the website.

Optimizing the internal links.

Formatting texts.

Optimizing images and videos.

Making pages load fats.

Optimizing mobile device versions.

Optimizing the external links (making sure they are not broken or leading to websites with bad reputation).

OffPage SEO


*OffPage SEO aims at activities that are not directly linked with the website’s pages. It includes creating a professional digital marketing strategy for better reputation and popularity of the website.

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Why do you need a good SEO?

SEO is the building block of any website. It is a long term investment that makes your website more attractive and more convenient for your visitors.

But if you are still not sure about taking this step – take a look of the reasons for having a good SEO:

#1 SEO draws more visitors to your website

What’s the point of having a website if nobody knows about it? SEO makes your website more convenient not only for the search engines spiders (or bots), but also for your potential clients. The more structured and the easier to follow is your website, the longer your visitors will stay on it and be more likely to purchase anything or contact you.

#2 It multiplies the return of your investment

  • The professionally conducted SEO grants you with high rankings in search engines.
  • The better the ranking, the more people will put trust in your brand.
  • The more people trust you, the more they will visit your website.
  • The more they visit your website, the higher the chance to become your loyal clients.
  • The more potential clients you have, the better the chance to transform them into actual paying clients.
  • The more paying clients you have, the better the sales.

 #3 SEO creates brand

Since you are on the top of the first page, you have already started gaining better recognition. Your firm becomes a brand. You become popular and you start developing your unique online presence. The more people see your brand in the search results, the easier they will remember you and recognize you. This is the first step to converting visitors into clients.

#4 SEO can be measured

We have the latest technologies which analyze the behavior of the online users, the condition of your website and the websites of your competitors. We operate with different kinds of statistics which help us actually optimize the optimization. With us you get results that pay off.

#5 Because your competitors use SEO

What could possibly motivate you more than the fact that your competitors also use SEO and right now they are a few steps ahead of you – probably drawing your clients to their service of product pages. SEO is becoming more and more popular for the fact that it is the most efficient way to boost your income.

Do not let your competitors steal your clients. Show them who is the boss!

#6 SEO helps you target your audience

SEO is not only about drawing visitors and attracting more clients. It helps you find your most suitable and loyal clients – those who really need your products or services and that are ready to trust you with their time, money and loyalty.

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