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Online store development

Online store development service is a golden mine because we put great effort and devotion in our projects.


This is a very responsible task which a client can confide to us and this is why we give our best to create professional, responsive, client oriented online stores.

Once you decide that you want to be a proud owner of an online store you need to choose a team for the development of the website. Not an easy task if you rely on this team for your future business.

Smarty Studio has years of experience in online store development. The stores we create rank good in search engines, have hundreds of visitors and are easy to navigate.


With our online store development service you will get a whole new website which functions perfectly, has lots of functionalities and helps you earn more.


Maybe this is your first steps on the path for creating and developing your own online business. We get your fears and this is why we will help you pose the foundation for your future store.

Have you ever been lied to?

We sure have been!

This really provoked us to offer a different reality for our clients. We provide security and trust.

Or… maybe this is not your first time putting faith in an IT company for your business. This time you know what you want and what to look for when the process begins. We will be happy to be your partners and meet your requirements so you can improve your business.

By choosing Smarty Studio you choose to receive:

An online store with breath-taking design

We will create the website which is going to appear in your client’s minds and dreams over and over. With every single visit your brand will become more and more popular.

We know how important it is for the eye to see suitable and delightful scenes. The web design is a key component for your successful business.

Your web design will be completely suitable for mobile devices, which will help your clients shop freely anytime, anywhere.


It’s not enough for your website to be beautiful. It also has to be flexible and easy to orientate in – for you and for your clients. We will take care of helping your clients to:

Orient better in your online store.

Spend more time searching and looking in it.

Develop a need to shop from you.

Easy and effortlessly to purchase items and services.

To have multiple paying options.

To contact you effortlessly.


Our online store development service guarantees you that your website will have easy to use and perfectly working:

Search engine

Option for registration

Option for creating a wish list

One step check-out

Option for product sorting

Filter products by your choice


… and many more modules for more comfortable shopping.

In the same time we will make sure that your website will have convenient administration:

You will be able to easily upload and edit products.

You will be able to follow your client’s path and their purchases.

You will be able to administer your product’s status.


Better ranking in Google

Our online store development service includes basic SEO. This will create a better structure for your website. This will push your online store high in the rankings and draw more clients.

With this service you receive instructions how to create an alluring product content.

We will help you develop good and engaging content, which draws more clients and really sells. And even more – good content gives you good ranking in Google.

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Together we will create your stunning future!

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