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Online marketing

Our service for online marketing will help you draw and keep more clients.


You already have a website. A beautiful and stunning website by your taste.

Maybe you already developed a SEO strategy. You know who your clients are, you know what are they looking for and why.

But something is missing… the results.

The results from SEO are guaranteed but they come slowly.

You feel insecure and that makes you wonder: Was it all worth it? Will the effort pay off any soon?

We know how hard is every beginning. We know how many things can go wrong. We know what is the feeling of trying and failing.

This is why we offer you a service that is going to boost your incomes fast.

Online marketing and Google AdWords

Our online marketing service is focused on Google AdWords. This is the strongest instrument of Google when it comes to drawing paying customers.

Google AdWords is ideal for any business which is a newbie at SEO. Those two instruments do not exclude each other. Thanks to Google AdWords you can understand you clients, what they need, why they need it and how you can give it to them. This knowledge is great for you SEO strategy. Combining the marketing instruments boosts your online presence.

We’ve heard many comments against Google AdWords. The truth is that this marketing tool works perfectly provided it is in the hands of good specialists. This is not an easy tool to manage. Not everyone has the time, motivation and devotion to learn all about it.

Google AdWords is an online marketing strategy which includes paying per click for a set keyword. This keyword gets you the highest ranking in Google results.

Why do you need an online marketing tool and especially Google AdWords?

Do you know what are the similarities of TV/radio advertisement and Google advertisement?

You are right! There are none.

If you think that Google AdWords is unnecessary expense, which is improbable to get you more earnings, please take a look at our arguments FOR Google advertisement.

Google AdWords is flexible and saves money

As we all know – there is nothing for free.

And Google AdWords doesn’t make an exception. Nonetheless you pay only if someone clicks on your advertisement. Also you can plan your budged for online marketing and not be anxious about exceeding your limit. You pay according to your resources.

You must know that the high ranking does not depend on your planned budged. It depends on the quality of the content you advertise. This means that you can invest little and earn big.

Did you start wondering if you have high quality content? Take a look at our SEO copywriting service which can transform your website for good and boost your online marketing strategy.

Google AdWords gives fast results

If you are just starting out your online business and you are still far away from the first pages of Google, we suggest you turn your look to Google AdWords.

SEO is a great tool for long term results, but it takes time to give good results. It is also very unpredictable tool because the competition for the first pages is brutal and the algorithms – unknown. To depend only on it is not very cost efficient.

While waiting for the SEO results, you can always try something fast and efficient. For Google AdWords you only need to plan your budget, correctly set the advertisement and boom – you rank on the top of Google results by the moment you start your campaign.

Google AdWords is an online marketing system which give you measurable results

With Google AdWords your online marketing campaign gets a comprehensive report for every activity. You will know how many people click on your advertisement, what are they looking for, what do they do once they click on your webpage and much more. This report will help you understand your targeted audience and how to improve not only your online presence but also the services and the products that you offer.

With Google AdWords you will gain that confidence which points you right on the top.

Google AdWords is an online marketing strategy which aims your ideal customer

Google advertisement helps you to sort out the people who surf in the internet. With this tool you will attract only the people who really care about what you offer.

Why this is important?

Because this is high quality traffic to your website which Google reads as positive.

The worst thing that can happen to your website is someone to click on it and leave immediately because he is not interested.

Every professionally set google campaign protects you from that.

With this tool you earn more interested visitors who have the potential to convert into loyal customers.

We – Smarty Studio’s team, are going to set the right Google campaign that is going to boost your earnings.

With us you earn and save in the same time!

Contact us and find out more about our professional services!